Free shipment and free returns

Shipment of all your packages is completely free of charge! When ordering at MyXLshop we only charge you the prices associated with the products that you buy. Even returning a product is free of charge. There is a cooling-off period of 100 days, during which it is possible to return your products. For more information on returns, please read 'Returns & Guarantee’.


Free shipping within Europe

You can have orders shipped to both the United Kingdom and any other country within Europe. The packages are usually shipped with DHL, TNT or UPS. They offer the best possible service for our products.


Delivery times are slightly longer than usual

There are two shipping options:

Fast delivery including a Track and Trace-code (1,95 pound)

95% Of all orders shipped this way arrive within 15 business days. On average it takes 10 business days. Order delivery status can easily be monitored through Track and Trace.

Slow delivery without adding a Track and Trace-code (free of charge)

95% of all orders shipped in this manner arrive within business days. On average it takes about 14 business days, however it can take up to 25 business days. Without a Track and Trace-code there is no way to stay posted on delivery status. 


Please note: Once shipped it is impossible to cancel your order. We do however offer you the possibility to return items.

Pay attention: Any orders above 22 euros (excluding shipping costs) are sent in separate shipments. Have you only received part of the products you ordered? Please stay patient while delivery of the remaining shipments is completed.

Have you not yet received your product?

Have you ordered using either of the shipping methods mentioned above? And does delivery exceed the before mentioned time? In this case an error has occurred. Please contact us so we can provide a solution.


Where do those longer delivery times originate from?

These delays are due to free shipping of products from our abroad warehouse. This allows us to decrease our expenses which directly results in prices being 30-50% lower than average, which then benefits all of our customers.

We ship and deliver products from a non-European country so import costs can be factored in and added to your order. However, MyXLshop has a guaranteed margin of safety for each order and will reimburse any additional costs you made. In this way, you will not be charged for additional import costs.

Take a look at our video to understand how we operate. 

Track & Trace and insurance

When ordering, Track & Trace allows you to monitor the status of your order and at the same time functions as insurance of the products that you purchased. To facilitate these optional tasks, we charge 1.95 euro extra. You can also choose not to use Track & Trace. Of course, MyXLshop will, in this case, still guarantee delivery of your order in a timely manner, but the shipment will not be insured. Without Track & Trace, delivery times differ from 5 to 15 working days, making it hard to know exactly when to expect your package. 



MyXLshop orders are sent from Hong Kong. This means that you import the products yourself. 

Due to the fact that we ship and deliver products from a non-EU country it is possible that import costs will be factored in and added to your order when the product(s) arrive at your address. Not to worry, MyXLshop has a guaranteed margin of safety for each order and will reimburse any additional costs you have had to pay for. In this way, you will not be charged for additional import costs. Import costs can reach up to a maximum of 4.2% of the total order value and the VAT can reach up to 21%. We reimburse VAT and import duty fees on orders of €200 (EUR) and under. Which means that a maximum of €50 (EUR) in VAT and import duty fees can be reimbursed.


Is it possible to personally pick up my order?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The items are sent from our warehouse abroad. 


Returning your order through our customer service desk

Unfortunately, it is not possible to return your product at a customer service desk, as we do not have a warehouse in the United Kingdom. All our products are shipped from our warehouse abroad, so MyXLshop is only able to offer an online service to its customers. 


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