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Our customer service receives many questions of which most of them are answered below. Please check if your question is listed on this page. If not, feel free to contact us!

My Order

When will I receive my order?
Where can I find my order?
I haven’t received an order confirmation
I would like to cancel my order
I’ve received a confirmation of sending, but haven’t received my order
I haven’t received my track & trace code
Can I pick up my order?
Help! I’ve been charged import duties!

Delivery times and shipping

What are the delivery times?
Why are the delivery times longer then usual?
Can I upgrade my order from free shipping to faster delivery with track & trace?
How about import duties
Which postal company deliveres my order?

Return policy

How do I register a return?
Received a different product from what you ordered?
Damaged/Broken product?
I can’t find the “return” button
Are there costs attached to returning an order?
What happens to the returned items?


Which payment options do I have?
My payment didn’t go through!
Where can I find my invoice?
I’ve received a payment reminder, but I don’t want to receive the product anymore

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