Magnets are available in many shapes and sizes. In the basic rule you have the choice of two magnet types. Ferrite magnets and neodymium magnets. The ferrite variant is dark in color and the neodymium silver. In addition, the neodymium magnets are many times stronger. Perhaps you know the magnet strip in the edge of a refrigerator. This is a typical ferrite variant. If you would use a neodymium magnetic strip in this case, you would almost no longer get the fridge open. The strength of the magnet also determines the price. Because the neodymium magnets are many times stronger, this type is also more expensive.

Various shapes and sizes magnets

Magnets are available in many sizes and sizes. We mainly sell the smaller magnets. The large strong magnet blocks are only used for very specific solutions. The small magnets can be used for many solutions and are available in many sizes. A look at the following assortment says enough about the choice in magnetland.