Massaging Scalp

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Massaging Scalp

Does Massaging the Scalp Stimulate Hair Growth?

Yes, massaging the scalp stimulates hair growth and blood circulation around the scalp.

How to Stimulate Hair Growth?

There are several ways to promote healthy hair:

  • + Staying hydrated
  • + Maintaining a well-balanced diet
  • + Regularly exercising to reduce stress levels
  • + Sleeping at least 8 hours daily
  • + Using nourishing shampoo and conditioner
  • + Brushing your hair with a bristle brush
  • + Trimming your hair regularly
  • + Limiting use of flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers
  • + Giving yourself a regular scalp massage
A scalp massage can reduce stress levels, increase blood flow to the hair follicles and promote an overall feeling of relaxation. It opens up the blood vessels to promote blood flow which increases the amount of nutrients available for hair growth. 

How to do a Scalp Massage?

Using your fingertips: Always use your fingertips when massaging. Not your nails! This can damage your scalp and (needless to say) is counterproductive towards your hair growth. Use your fingertips to massage your scalp in circular motions. Not too hastily, but just delicately.

By dividing your hair: Divide your hair into sections, so you are sure that you are indeed massaging all parts of your scalp. One by one, carefully work through each section.

Through using oil! I, myself, am a fond user of castor oil for scalp massages. The oil also happens to stimulate hair growth. If you find the oil to be too thick, then mix it with jojoba oil or coconut oil. Do not use too much oil because you do not want to clog up your pores.

Repeating regularly at an absolute bare minimum of at least once per week for 10 minutes! You can massage your scalp daily but really try to keep a strict regimen of doing it at least once per week. It is a great idea for instance to combine the scalp massage together with the days you dedicate in the week for facial cleansing. It takes approximately ten minutes for a full scalp massage. Regularly massaging your scalp as part of your weekly natural hair regimen also helps get rid of hair toxins faster. 

Stimulate hair growth with head massage spider


Don’t feel like getting into your hair with your own hands? Let the head massage do the work for you Then you can always use a tool such as the massage head spin. This is a handy tool with some sort of tentacles that stimulate your scalp. Not the real thing, but in any case be able to relax.

Luckily, a great tool to use is the You can even use this handy tool while washing your hair. Trichjournal covered a review about the product.

Try every night (for example, if you sit infront of the tv or read a book) to massage your scalp. It feels incredible and you’ll instantaneously notice the change in your hair growth!

You can find a great how-to video enclosed below on how to use the head massage spider:


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